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This book explores the life, teachings, and legacy of Manly P. Hall, the legendary philosopher, mystic, and sage of 20th-century America. 


It presents a meticulous study of Hall’s life and works, uncovering key references and signposts that point to his role as an initiate and emissary of the Mystery Schools. Topics covered include: Manly P. Hall’s origin story; his revelations about the presence of the Mystery Schools in modern life; his role in placing the All-Seeing Eye on the US dollar bill; the karmic causes and purposes behind WWII; the philosophical significance of the UFO, and more.

Overall, this book is a testament to the enduring legacy of Manly P. Hall, the 20th century’s most important spiritual luminary. Fans, scholars, and newcomers alike will find much to learn from and celebrate in this exploration of “The Maestro’s” essential teachings.

Table of Contents:

1) An Emissary of the Mystery Schools

2) America’s Philosopher in a Time of War

3) The Philosophy of the UFO

4) Initiation in the Modern Age

5) Philosophy, Religion, and Science: a Synthesis

6) The Destiny of Philosophy


This book series covers (as its title suggests) the origin, purpose, and destiny of Philosophy. It is heavily influenced by the wisdom teachings of Manly P. Hall, but also includes ideas and influences of my own. I am publishing the first version of this book serially through my Substack, where you can read through it chapter by chapter. In addition, each article is linked with one or more podcast episodes or videos, where I go over the material in person. The podcasts you can find here and the videos here (YouTube).

Table of Contents:

Preface (March 2022) : 

The Ukraine War, the Great Reset, and America's Grand Strategy 

I. The Cycle of the Arya and the Birth of Philosophy 

1.   The Mystery Schools and the Invisible Government

2.   The Birth of Philosophy

3.   Atlantis and the Origin of the Mystery Schools

4.   The Cycle of the Arya and the Quest for a New Atlantis

II. The Spiritual Cosmology of Esoteric Buddhism 

5. Mahayana Buddhism: A Guiding Light for the New Age

6. The Holy Trinity: Consciousness, Mind, + Self 

7. Amitabha, the Buddha of Boundless Light

8. Maitreya, the Buddha to come

III. Pythagoras and the Philosophy of Number 

9. An Introduction to Pythagorean Philosophy 

10The Mystery of First Cause 

11. The Divine Family: Father, Mother, Child 

12. The Universe as a Supersystem

13. The Golden Ratio, Proof of the Divine Presence

IV. The Mandala: An Image of the Invisible 

14. The Psychology of Meditation 

15. The Occult Science of Visualization 

16. Buddhist Mandalas of the Afterlife State

17. The Diamond and Matrix Mandalas of Mahayana Buddhism

18. The Tetractys: a Cosmic Mandala in Ten Dots 

19. World Civilization as a Mandala

V. Plato's Vision for the Philosophic Empire 

20. Ancient Greece and the Politics of Debt 

21. The Orphic Mysteries and the Foundations of Greek Philosophy

22. The World Soul and the Philosophy of Archetypes 

23. Atlantis and the Archetype of Empire

24. The Kali Yuga and the Age of Materiality 

25. The Philosophic Empire and the World Nation


VI. Francis Bacon, Godfather of the Scientific Age

26. The Politics of Early Christianity 

27. From the Templars to the Rosicrucians

28. The Master Alchemist Reveals His Art of Discovery

29. The Seven Summary Laws of Nature

30. The Four Masks of Francis Bacon (1/2)

31. The Four Masks of Francis Bacon (2/2)

VII. America: Land of the Feathered Serpent

32. The Deep History of America 

33. The Homeland of Democracy

34. America's Place in World History

35. America's Fight with the Shadow (Part 1)

36. America's Fight with the Shadow (Part 2)

37. Francis Bacon, the Mastermind behind the American Revolution


VIII. The Secret History of the 20th Century

38. Oligarchy Takes Hold of America

39. World War I: a Conspiracy of Interests

40. The Industrial Age and the Politics of Energy

41. The Great Depression and the Build-Up to WWII

42. The Classified Science of Nikola Tesla

43. The Hidden Agenda Behind World War II

44. The Hidden Hand and the Price of Secrecy

45. The Untold Story of the Nazi Wonder Weapons

46. The Cold War and the Petrodollar Economy

47. The Black Budget and the Technocratic Superstate

48. The UFO: a Symbol of Initiation

IX. Manly P. Hall: The Maestro of Esoteric Philosophy

49. An Emissary of the Mystery Schools

50. America's Philosopher in a Time of War

51. The Philosophy of the UFO

52. Initiation in the Modern Age

53. Philosophy, Religion, and Science: a Synthesis

54. The Destiny of Philosophy

X. The 21st Century: A Prophecy


This timely publication, written in 2021, investigates the psychological underpinnings of world events since 2020 using the framework of Depth Psychology as its basis. There are four sections: 1) Part One overviews Carl Jung's model of the human psyche; 2) Part Two outlines Stanislav Grof's investigation into the psychology of non-ordinary experiences of consciousness; 3) Part Three looks at the relationship between depth psychology and astrology. This section includes a case study of the current crisis and the astrological and psychological dynamics underlying it ; and 4) Part 4 takes a critical look at the paradigm of scientific materialism and explores how we can "rediscover the sacred". Numerous quotes from Manly P. Hall are featured throughout.

- Digital and print copies available at my store

- See also two video presentations I did that summarize this material:

​- See podcast episodes  24-31 for more coverage.


This is the first in my series of study guides outlining the essential wisdom teachings of Manly P. Hall. The focus is on the seven ages of human evolution, including Lemuria, Atlantis, and the Arya (our current age). 40+ action-packed pages with tons of information, quotes, and visuals. If you're a student of esoteric philosophy and Manly P. Hall, this publication is a must!

- Digital and print copies available at my store

- A video introduction to the guide: YouTube

- Follow-Up Analysis: 1, 2, and 3.


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