This is my long-awaited first book, which comprehensively explores the topic of Esoteric Philosophy. It is heavily influenced by the wisdom teachings of Manly P. Hall, but also includes ideas and influences of my own. I am publishing the first version of this book serially through my Substack, where you can read through it chapter by chapter. In addition, each episode is linked with one or more podcasts, which you can find here.


Preface (March 2022) : 

The Ukraine War, the Great Reset, and America's Grand Strategy 

1.   The Mystery Schools and the Invisible Government

2.   The Birth of Philosophy

3.   Atlantis and the Origin of the Mystery Schools

4.   The Cycle of the Arya and the Quest for a New Atlantis

5.   Mahayana Buddhism: A Guiding Light for the New Age

6.   Adi-Buddha, the Seven Rays, and the Spiritual Hierarchy

7.   The Tetractys: Pythagoras’s Kabbalistic Key to Esoteric Philosophy

8.   Plato's Vision for a Worldwide Democracy

9.   The Sons of the Widow and the Brothers of the Rose Cross

10. Francis Bacon and the College of the Six Days Work

11. Manly P. Hall: The Plato of Los Angeles 

12. The Maestro, The Phoenix, and The All-Seeing Eye

13. Manly Hall’s Prophecy for the Piscean Age


This timely publication investigates the psychological underpinnings of world events since 2020 using the framework of Depth Psychology as its basis. There are four sections: 1) Part One overviews Carl Jung's model of the human psyche; 2) Part Two outlines Stanislav Grof's investigation into the psychology of non-ordinary experiences of consciousness; 3) Part Three looks at the relationship between depth psychology and astrology. This section includes a case study of the current crisis and the astrological and psychological dynamics underlying it ; and 4) Part 4 takes a critical look at the paradigm of scientific materialism and explores how we can "rediscover the sacred". Numerous quotes from Manly P. Hall are featured throughout.

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- My multi-part series analyzing the study guide:


This is the first in my series of study guides outlining the essential wisdom teachings of Manly P. Hall. The focus is on the seven ages of human evolution, Lemuria, Atlantis, and the Arya, which is our current age. 40 action-packed pages with tons of information, quotes, and visuals. If you're a student of esoteric philosophy and Manly Hall, this study guide is a must!

- Digital and print copies available at my store

- A video introduction to the guide: YouTube

- Follow-Up Analysis: 1, 2, and 3.